No Strings Attached Sex

Having no strings attached sex could be one of the most adventurous things you could ever do as a single man.

However, it could also be one of the trickiest to pull it off. After all, it is common knowledge that women have sex more for emotional reasons while men can almost have multiple sex partners and not be attached to any of them at all.

If you want to learn how to have no strings attached sex with lots of different, attractive, beautiful women, there are certain ground rules that you must establish as a man leading the interaction with the female. Before your fantasies of having lots of free sex with lots of women can happen, you must avoid the common pitfalls that men get when trying to juggle multiple sex partners. The worst thing that could happen is to hurt a lot of women emotionally along the way and become a jerk or an asshole in the process. Remember, the number one rule is to “always leave her better than when you found her.”

5 and guidelines for no strings attached sex

Observe these rules and guidelines and you are well on your way player!

1. Don’t act like a boyfriend

The first thing you must understand to have no strings attached sex is that if you start acting like her boyfriend, then she will start behaving like a girlfriend. This is something that you don’t want to happen. It doesn’t mean that just because you had sex means that you have any sort of obligation you must fulfill towards her. You can ask her how she is, and have the usual flirting but don’t cross the line between being unattached and needy. If you start noticing that you text her more, ask where she is, or who she’s with than you need to stop it because it all communicates you and her are having an ‘official’ relationship going on.

2. Be honest and tell it straight

It may come as a surprise but most men never thought that it is possible to have no strings attached sex with women by not being deceitful, or being a liar. Some people think that they have to lie just to have multiple sex partners but this is really hard to live with. After all, you must understand that women want sex too! So it is no shame and you’re not using them. You exist in their lives because you are there to please them and become a person to help them experience their wildest fantasies. So tell it straight and be honest. For starters, you can with practicing saying this, “Yes, I do love women but that doesn’t mean that I can’t be committed once I find my match.”

3. Be the most exceptional guy she has ever met

Do you know the secret of what it really takes to attract hot, gorgeous women and have no strings attached sex with them more than you ever thought possible? Be so compelling, so different and so rare and exceptional from the rest of the other guys that they have ever met. That’s it. Give me a man whose only goal is to sleep with lots of women and I’ll give you a lonely loser masturbating to porn at night and give me a man whose goal is to become the best person he can be and I’ll give you a man who has the most mating opportunities and no strings attached sex than he could handle.

4. Give her the greatest sex of her life

This goes without saying—you have to give her the greatest sex she will ever encounter in her life from now till forever. Most men are mediocre when it comes in their performance in bed. Did you know that the female genital has more sensual nerve endings in their clitoris more than the head of a penis? Not to mention that women can experience 5 different types of orgasms ranging from full-body orgasm to psycholagnic (look it up). That explains why women can become so addicted to sex once they experience what it really means to have an orgasm. You must be that man. Exercise your PC muscle, work on your pre-mature ejaculation and last longer in bed. These skills will pay you back with girls chasing you to have no strings attached sex with them because you are too irresistible!

5. Make her want you—don’t give it all

Add a little more mystery, challenge and unpredictability with her and play your cards right. Don’t be an open book. In other words, avoid becoming dull and boring. You can accomplish this by being non-needy, unattached, and focused on making your interaction together fun, exciting and stimulating. Women will crave your attention and love, but the worst thing here is to fall for this trap and give it. Once you do, they will not see you as a challenge anymore. They will go on to find better challenging opportunities and you could say goodbye to no strings attached sex.